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Yeah I guess this website is pretty cool -Thomas Caulfield
I love it!! I wish there was a place for me to log kale consumption though.. -Lisa Grohn
What Lisa said. -Evan Garvey
Yeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwww -Trevor Bibb

About Us

SaintsXCTF is a response to the lack of an adequate team based running log website. An application was needed to keep the team together and focused throughout summer training and the season. One crucial part of summer training is seeing what all your teammates are doing for their training on a daily basis. SaintsXCTF responds to these needs with an elegant user interface accompanied by an in depth logging system. Never before has it been this easy to view your teams training progression.

I hope you enjoy the site. At the moment it is a work in progress, and I would love to hear your feedback on ways the website can be improved. Since it is in such an early stage, bugs are also likely. Please report any that you encounter to me so I can fix them as soon as possible.

Contact Information
Andrew Jarombek